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Set Lunch Pre-payment

Ben’s Farmhouse are delighted to have been awarded the contract to provide school meals to LFIGP students from 31st August 2022.

Our aim is to provide fresh, healthy, balanced & nutritious meals to your children. We also very much take the environment into consideration

when it comes to food security, sustainable food & packaging. Where humanly possible we try to use local suppliers & locally produced ingredients.

We are firm believers in ‘fuel the body correctly, fuel the mind correctly’, helping our future generations to achieve their academic targets.

Price for set meal per day – AED 21

(payment is quarterly)

NOTE: Once you proceed with the payment, please put your child’s first name, last name & then class number in ‘order notes’

(Please do not input your -parent name )

Quarter 3 will be from 1st of March till 6th of July 

There are two payment links please choose accordingly considering if your child(ren) will be fasting or not-fasting  during Ramadan (22 mar,23mar,10apr,11apr,12apr,13apr,17apr,18apr,19apr)

Policy : Please note there is no refund for payment for Ramadan period after payment completed 



(1March-6 July)

Days 62 x AED 21= AED 1302




Days 51 x AED 21= AED 1071

Lunch Gallery 

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