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Meals Pre-Payments

Ben’s Farmhouse are delighted to have been awarded the contract to provide meals to Miles Of Smiles Nursery & Kinder garden.

From 23d of January 2023 the food services will begin to operate, running through to July 2023

Ben's Farmhouse offers two Set Meal Options :

    Option 1 - AED21 per Day-Monday to Friday  -Canteen lunch ONLY - ( salad, main course, fresh bread roll, dessert, water)

     Option 2 - AED26 per Day- Monday to Friday -Morning snack & juice + hot set lunch (salad, main course, fresh bread roll, dessert, water)



Note: Please note that the menu changes every 4 weeks  

Please choose your child(ren) Set Meal Option, choose vegetarian or non-vegetarian , click on the button and you can proceed with the payment

How to use payment link:

  1. Click on button 

  2. Click on Add to the cart (choose qnty as the number of the children you would like to pay for ) 

  3. Click on Checkout Now 

  4. Double check your order and Checkout 

  5. Enter your details and Continue 

  6. Add details of your child (ren) in ADD a NOTE (Mandatory)

  7. Proceed to Payment


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