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Our Values


We love collaborating with all kinds of organizations and entities where we can enable each other to grow in a much more fulfilling way. Quite often we get to discover new ways of doing business that we wouldn’t have otherwise had exposure too. People helping people is what it’s all about.


We don’t believe there’s a business that can exist today without keeping sustainability at the forefront. Our focus is particularly on sourcing great quality local produce from UAE farms and using environmentally friendly packaging to be kinder to our planet. It’s a responsibility for ourselves and the greater UAE community to ensure we apply best practices to build a safe and secure future for everyone.


We can’t be Ben’s Farmhouse without the support of people who live here in the UAE. We are deeply connected and grateful to be a part of this great country and celebrate the wonderful, rich cultures of all who reside here with us. We know our brand will develop and grow as we build relationships with our communities and showcase the quality of offering we have.

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