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About Ben's Farmhouse

      Our Story       

Ben’s Farmhouse was founded by Chef Ben Tobitt and investor Marcus Schumacher. With a desire to create the business he’s always wanted, Ben faced an extremely challenging 2020 head on, to grow his brand from the ground up. 


Influenced by the rich diversity and innovations in fresh, local farm-grown produce in the UAE, Ben hopes to inspire people to enjoy healthier eating, support local producers and help build food security for the UAE. Building further on these principles, a mindful approach of sustainable packaging and practises has also been created by Ben. 

Most recently, as an award-winning chef with Jumeirah Restaurant Group (JRG), Ben was at the forefront of innovation and creativity across 15 restaurants.


Now, inspired by an international palate, Ben brings together unique flavours that transform simple but abundant, fresh local produce into delicious meals. His passion for quality ingredients and desire to support local growers and suppliers, ensures his chef-produced meals can be offered with greater affordability.

“Our goal is to provide nutritious, wholesome foods that everyone can enjoy. We hope to teach people that healthy choices can actually be inspiring meals “from farm to table”. This starts by building trust with our customers and healthier eating habits.

We look forward to serving you”.

Ben Tobitt

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