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School Catering


We believe that nutritionally-balanced meals are key to supporting your students growth. A varied, healthy, school meals menu also encourages your students to try new dishes  with exciting flavors—developing their taste palate as a result.

We currently cater for LFIGP, Jess, Bloom, Ice & Victory Heights.

For school catering please send your enquiry below.


1.Educate our future 


How many students at your school know where the sweet potatoes on their lunch tray come from? Farm to school is a national movement that helps connect kids to healthy, local food while also supporting local farmers and building communities. Farm to school initiatives can happen in the classroom through nutrition education, field trips to farms, the school garden and in the cafeteria by serving locally grown food.

Kid Holding Fruit
"We are thrilled to have a strategic partnership with VeggiTech Farms. Not only do they produce wonderful ingredients, but also have the ability to educate students on field trips or on school sites with inhouse farming initiatives"- Ben Tobitt
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